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Heads and sculptures

November 26, 2010
Public art, sculpture in Berlin

Public art, sculpture in Berlin

This public sculpture in Berlin (2002) is enhanced by a real man on the roof who is cleaning the glass.

Silver head with a cap and daffodil

Silver head with a cap and daffodil

Again in Berlin a sculptured silver head is enhanced by a daffodil and cap.

Brighton shop window. Rage Against the Machine.

A shop window in Brighton

These two heads in a shop window in Brighton (2002) rage against the machine and hopefully encourage potential shoppers inside.

Brick Lane art installation with Oscar

Art installation on Brick Lane with Oscar

Oscar becomes part of an art installation in Brick Lane. His intelligent pose brings it all to life.

Cambodia, carving of dancers on a temple wall

Carving of dancers on a temple wall, Cambodia

This is one of hundreds of ancient sculptures that can be found in temples in Siem Reap in Cambodia (2009).

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  1. jane maxwell permalink
    November 26, 2010

    Oh my baby Oscar looks absolutely beautiful!! xxxx

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