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Cheshire Street Warehouse

February 27, 2011

These photographs were taken a few weeks before this warehouse was demolished and the space used for a luxury housing development. There used to be a number of warehouses on Cheshire Street which facilitated a rich variety of stalls catering for a wide range of tastes. You could by a restored valve radio, cameras, tools, CD’s, clothes and old photographs and paintings. It was a delight to simply walk through the warehouse just to view the stalls. The man sitting behind the jewelery appears to be looking around in a way that suggests he doesn’t want certain people to see the contents of his glass case.

Man viewing watches in a glass case, 2009

Man viewing jewelery in a glass case, Cheshire Street warehouse 2010

Although the cabinet is partially held up by an empty coke tin the demeanour of the owner of the wood and glass cabinet adds an air of urgency to any potential sale. His body language is communicating: “everything in the case is for sale at well below the market value but you had better buy quickly as I will be leaving soon.”

Man viewing watches

Man viewing watches in a glass case, Cheshire Street warehouse 2010

Sadly there are no warehouses left on Cheshire Street that sustain men with glass cases full of jewelery and watches. It is no longer possible to buy a restored valve radio or old watch. The place has become gated and organic.

Cheshire Street, 1983

Cheshire Street, 1983

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