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Protest For Change

September 25, 2016

Nothing changes unless we fight for it.

Cuts protest, TUC March London 2011

‘Tory cuts medicine’, TUC March London 2011

Protest opposite the 10th anniversary dinner. Docklands, 1991

Protest opposite the 10th anniversary dinner of the London Docklands Development Corporation Docklands, 1991

Capitalism in Crisis protest, St Pauls Cathedral 2011.

Capitalism in Crisis protest, St Pauls Cathedral 2011.

Liverpool protest (CND). Early 1980's.

Liverpool protest (CND). Early 1980s.

Protest 2002

Anti-war protest 2002

Housing protest, early 1990's

Housing protest, Canary Wharf early 1990s

Protest, Whitechapel 2008

Protest against education cuts, Whitechapel 2008

Protest outside Bethnal Green Town Hall, c. 1980's

Trade Union Protest outside Bethnal Green Town Hall, 1980s

Protester 2002

Anti-war protester, London 2002

Young protestors. London 1983

Young protestors. London 1983

You may also be interested in the following films supporting Jeremy Corbyn:

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Tomorrow on Monday September 26th in Liverpool there will be a free screening of the anti-war film ‘Not In Our Name’ featuring veteran anti war campaigner Tony Benn and peace campaigners from around the world. ‘Not In Our Name’ opens up a rich visual landscape to explore the folly of war. Six years in the making Directors Hazuan Hashim and Phil Maxwell wanted to take the anti-war message to a wider audience through an examination of the work of a diverse range of artists against the war. The film includes footage from around the world, including Iraq and the USA. The screening will be followed by a Q & A with the Directors chaired by Audrey White, a founder member of the Merseyside Anti-war movement.

Not in Our Name is part of The World Transformed Festival Programme.

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