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Four Cranes

April 25, 2012

This photomontage combines a photograph taken from the balcony of my flat of Canary Wharf (2007) with a photograph taken in Cambodia in 2009. The slanted roof of the Cambodian home resonates with the design of the top of the Canary Wharf  tower; this emphasises the gap between the rich and the poor but the similarity in architecture also suggests a common bond between humanity.

Four Cranes. Photomontage 2010

Four Cranes. Photomontage 2010

The four cranes represent a barrier seperating the two worlds. They also secure the wealth for the rich world acting like stock brokers determined to maintain an economic status quo. The moon is a kind of arbiter which suggests the absurdity of the way resources have been devisively acrued by the rich world; both places are touched by the magnificence of the moon yet it appears it is only the foreground that appreciates the worlds natural beauty  and the resources that abound.

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