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The Banner of Globalisation

May 25, 2012

A lot of my photomontage work examines the concept of globilisation. The word has attracted much currency over the past 10 years. I remember being bemused when I first heard it used in connection with the relationship between rich and poor countries. It has many ways of being used; I believe it is one of those words that conspires to give a favourable gloss to something which is fundamentally unjust. Some would have us believe that it is the process whereby wealth trickles through to poor countries from rich countries. In reality I think globalisation involves the suppression of millions in pursuit of the needs of ‘free markets’. My photographic work around globalisation discusses and attempts to expose this free market suppression masquerading under the banner of globalisation. We do live in a ‘global village’ but it is compounded by inequalities designed to suppress organised labour and basic freedoms.

'Across the River'. Photomontage 2012

'Across the River'. Photomontage 2012

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